Fundraising tips & resources

Fundraising tips

We’re here to help! Here are a few tips to get your fundraising started, or use these tips take your efforts to the next level.

First, log in to your Participant Centre and add a photo. Share your own motivation for participating in the event on your fundraising page. Tell others why you’ve chosen to Give a Shift! If you’re comfortable, share a personal story, talk about your connection to our hospitals or give a shout out to the healthcare hero you are honouring. This will help others relate to the cause and encourage them to donate.

Take it social

Social media is a great way to reach a wide audience. Share the link to your personal page online and let your friends know why you’re fundraising in support of a great cause. Take a quick selfie or video and share your progress. You can also use social media to thank donors for their support. Don’t forget to tag @tgwhf and use #UHNGiveaShift

We’ve created these images and posts to help you get started! Simply copy and paste or download and share on your social media accounts.


Sample posts

Option #1

It’s time to Give a Shift!

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our healthcare workers have been fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19 to keep us safe. To show my support, I’m participating in the #UHNGiveaShift challenge from April 30 - May 2.

Donate to my fundraising page today and help me support our healthcare heroes. Click the link in my bio or send me a message for the link.

#UHNGiveaShift @tgwhf


Option #2

Give a Shift for our healthcare heroes!

I’m cheering on frontline workers by spending 12 hours - the length of a typical shift at UHN - taking part in the first-ever #UHNGiveaShift challenge!

Donate today and help me get to my goal of $[insert goal] for UHN by April 30. Click the link in my bio or message me for the link to my page.

#TeamUHN @tgwhf

Option #1

Show our healthcare workers you Give a Shift!

As part of #UHNGiveaShift I’m spending 12 hours, the length of a typical shift at UHN, challenging myself and supporting our healthcare heroes.

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal of $[insert goal]?

Donate today ➜



Option #2

Help me show our healthcare workers we Give a Shift!

On the weekend of April 30, I’ll be participating in #UHNGiveaShift spending 12 hours, the length of a typical shift at UHN, completing various challenges.

I’m aiming to walk 15,000 steps over the 12 hours - and for every $X ($10? $20 pick your amount before you post this message!) I raise above my goal I’ll add an extra 100 steps! *

* ACCESSIBLE OPTION - for every $X donated my team will add an additional 100 steps to our team’s step-goal for the day!


Option #1

From the start of the pandemic, our healthcare heroes have been giving their all to keep us safe - it’s time to show them we Give a Shift.

Help me reach my #UHNGiveaShift fundraising goal Donate now! ➜

@tgwhf @UHN


Option #2

I’m participating in #UHNGiveaShift to show my support for our healthcare heroes!

Donate now and help me reach my fundraising goal of $[insert goal]. All donations support life-saving work @UHN ➜

Together, we can show our healthcare workers that everything they’ve done in the last year hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Option #1

Will you help me support our healthcare heroes?

On the weekend of April 30, I’ll be participating in the #UHNGiveaShift challenge - spending 12 hours, the length of a typical shift at UHN, doing tasks similar to the ones our healthcare heroes do every day.

Show our healthcare workers you Give a Shift by helping me hit my fundraising goal! Any amount, large or small, makes a difference.

Donate now! ➜

@Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation


Option #2

Time to Give a Shift for the people that have given their all during the pandemic - our healthcare heroes.

For the #UHNGiveaShift challenge I’ll be spending 12 hours, the length of a typical shift at UHN, doing tasks similar to the ones our healthcare workers do.

As part of the challenge, I’m raising funds to support life-saving work done at UHN. Please consider a donation of any amount to my fundraising page to show our healthcare heroes we care! Any donation over $20 automatically receives a tax receipt.

Donate to my page here ➜

@Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Personal gift
Make a personal donation to your page and lead by example. Once your friends, family and coworkers see that you are committed to the cause, they'll be more likely to donate too!

First donation
If you haven't already, ask for your first donation today! Asking someone to support your fundraising page gives people the opportunity to help turn healthcare hope into action.

Ask for a specific amount
People may not know how much to give, so request a specific amount, like $30, $50 or even $75.

Ask, ask, ask
Send emails, make phone calls or text your family and friends to ask that they sponsor you. Tell your friends about your fundraising efforts or mention to colleagues at work. It’s okay to follow up - sometimes people need a reminder, especially these days!

Get creative
Add a link in your email signature. Reach out to other connections such as your faith leaders, community centres or business associations. Talk about your fundraising with your boss, teachers, coaches or friends. You never know who will be motivated to support you!

Matching gift program
Take advantage of your employer’s matching gift program. Contact your HR department to see if your organization will match your fundraising initiatives.

Pat yourself on the back
Fundraising can be hard work. You should be proud of your dedication to raise money to help us pursue knowledge that makes all our lives better!

Impact of your support
Want to share the impact of your support with your donors? Here is just some of what donor support has helped UHN achieve:

  • Develop an e-Health intervention program that is helping thousands of healthcare workers overcome depression, anxiety and PTSD related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Leverage virtual care technology to reduce Emergency Department visits during the pandemic, and to better monitor heart failure patients in between appointments.

  • Implant more than 200 mechanical hearts to save the lives of patients with failing hearts.

  • Discover two osteoarthritis biomarkers that could lead to early diagnosis, treatments and even a cure.

  • Create insulin-producing cells in the lab that could one day be transplanted into people living with diabetes eliminating the need for insulin injections.

  • Use spinal decompression surgery to enable patients with paralysis to walk again.

  • Develop Ex Vivo technology, which has doubled the number of lung transplants in just 5 years.

  • Lead clinical trials that resulted in a cure for hepatitis C.

  • Develop new ways of detecting and treating very early-stage lung cancer.

  • Research a promising new therapeutic treatment for Alzheimer’s.

Learn more about how we support our healthcare heroes at UHN.