The cause

Devastating diseases. An aging population. A rapidly growing city that’s straining the healthcare system. A global pandemic that’s forced us to rethink everything.

Every day, world-renowned healthcare heroes at UHN are working to solve these major health problems and more. They’re on the front lines and in the lab, saving lives and finding answers.

Every day, we’re driven to make lives better. But we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in. If there is anything COVID-19 has taught us it’s that we must be prepared for the unknown. We don’t know what the future holds, but thanks to donors like you we can make sure that UHN is prepared for whatever comes next.

UHN's healthcare heroes are now in the midst of the third wave of COVID-19, working harder than ever to treat the sickest patients, and to keep our communities healthy and safe. A portion of the funds raised through Give a Shift will provide UHN's frontline staff with complimentary meal vouchers to ensure they are able to care for themselves while caring for others.

In addition, you support will help our hospitals:

ENHANCE PATIENT CARE: continuing to improve how, when and where they care for the patients they’re privileged to serve

CONDUCT CRITICAL RESEARCH: pursuing knowledge to develop new and better techniques, and find new treatments and cures

EDUCATE HEALTHCARE WORKERS: training tomorrow’s leaders, and ensuring they’re well-versed in the latest cutting-edge technologies and methodologies

Medical breakthroughs at UHN, which includes Canada’s number-one research hospital and is home to the number-four hospital in the world, are changing lives here and around the globe.

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