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Fundraiser in Support of TGH's COVID-19 Efforts



First, thank you for taking a look at this fundraiser. Now, I'd love if you could spare just a minute to read this brief message and consider supporting this important issue.


At the moment, global cases of COVID-19 have soared to over 600,000. Canada has seen over 5,500 cases and just today, a shocking 800+ was added to that number. Active cases in Ontario alone have passed 1,100, with over a hundred new cases just today.


Our government has already implemented a series of wonderful measures to aid citizens through this difficult time, but our healthcare workers are still struggling. In all of Ontario only 8 people have recovered.


There's not much we as civilians can do aside from self-quarantine, but raising funds for the honorable people fighting at the frontlines of this pandemic is one way. Support our doctors, nurses, paramedics, and researchers today. This is not a one man army unless we make it.

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