Gentle Ben Charity Challenge

Toronto | 2021

COVID-19 can’t keep the Gentle Ben down! We are proud to continue our streak of 24 straight years of putting the FUN in fundraising.

Since its inception in 1997, the Gentle Ben Charity Challenge (GBCC) has raised over $1.6 million, all of which has gone to support several cancer research and support programs, with recent emphasis on supporting the ground breaking efforts of the McEwen Stem Cell Institute, based in Toronto.

The GBCC was founded by Steven and Michael Pearl and named in honour of their father, Ben Pearl. The event continues to celebrate his memory by raising funds to help battle the disease that took his life at an all too early age.

The real success story of the GBCC lies in the combined efforts of hundreds of loyal participants who have acted as “fundraising missionaries” on behalf of the GBCC over the past 23 years. Without them, the GBCC would not be what it is today.

Thanks to all for your continued support!



  1. $5000 Steven Pearl - $19,089.00
  2. $5000 ADAM ELLIOTT - $7,600.00
  3. $1000 Dan Goldberg - $4,350.00
  4. $1000 Rich Petrungaro - $4,280.00
  5. $1000 Adam Pearl - $3,885.00
  6. $1000 Michael Pearl - $3,721.00
  7. $1000 Jennifer Katz - $3,240.18
  8. $1000 Richard Bernstein - $3,200.00
  9. $1000 Richard Zlotnik Shaul - $2,460.00
  10. $1000 Bruce Roher - $2,056.00